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Unlimited free long distance to Canada and USA2

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¹Not all areas can transfer/keep your same existing telephone number.
²Excludes calls to the Yukon, Nunavut, N.W.T., Hawaii and Alaska. Our Fair Usage policy applies.

Digital Home Phone

Stay connected with crystal clear
voice calls and talk for hours!
  •  Call Display
  •  Call Waiting
  •  Call Answer/Voicemail
  •  Call Forward

"I've been with City Wide for many years now and have never had any reason to change providers, speeds are consistent and great support.....if you ever need them, they have certainly come a long way from when they started as a small upstart."

- Dennis Doyle

"Service has been good and reliable. Over the number of years (10-12 years maybe) that I have been a customer, I have called tech support at most 3-4 times and the response has been very good. Good customer service."

- Ron MacDonald

"Great service! Being able to speak to an actual person who is able and willing to help with any issue is what service should be and is lacking with too many companies.....good on you City Wide!"

- Barbara Muise


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Digital Home Phone - Unlimited free long distance to Canada and USA¹

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Digital Home Phone - Unlimited free long distance to Canada and USA¹

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Digital phone adapter

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Canada Post
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